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Use your voice to control
all business-processes

trade engine


API integration:
  • Governments
  • Banking systems
  • Insurance
  • Trade platforms and exchanges
  • CRM systems
  • Taxation
  • Customs
  • DN

is a unified operating system management, design
and analysis of your business on blockchain


Automated accounting system


Integration with wallets and banking


Integration with business automation systems

Multimodal biometric

Your business recognize
You through full-time

Digital Signal Processing

Ultra + Infra scanning Sonic + Video


DTMF Analogue Signalling
and Two-Factor

Work without Internet and protect against SMS interception

More info about SecureCall Technology

Decentralized network


Worldwide community

This decentralized governance model places individuals, industry, non-commercial interests and government on an equal level.

Unlike more traditional, top-down governance models, where governments make policy decisions, the multistakeholder approach used by BitCAD allows for community-based consensus-driven policy-making. The main idea is to ensure compliance with all conditions: without borders and open to all.

transparent justice




  • Full electronic arbitration

    newborn code
  • External intermediaries

    Classical courts
  • Story based arbitration

    decentralized court

Smart code

Solution would be to develop a formal language in which to write legal documents — i.e. contract documents — such that the semantics would be clear and the execution parameters could automatically be identified and passed to standardised code (alternatively, new code could be generated). This formal language would:

1.derive a number of important qualities from well-designed computer programming languages, such as a lack of ambiguity, and a compositional approach where the meaning of any clause can be clearly deduced without reading the rest of the document; and simple and natural to use, to such an extent that a lawyer could draft contracts using this formalism instead of using traditional legal language.

Different law systems ready

  • Common law
  • Civil law
  • Religious
  • Socialist Law
  • ETC

Common standardised

Classical contract templateswith smart-contracts inside

The aim of Smart Contract Templates is to support the management of the complete lifecycle of “smart” legal contracts.

This includes the creation of legal document templates by standards bodies and the subsequent use of those templates in the negotiation and agreement of contracts by counterparties. They also facilitate automated execution of the contract and, in the event of dispute, provide a direct link to the relevant legal documentation.

Smart Oracles.

What is it

Smart oracles provide a simple, flexible way to implement "smart contracts", which encode business logic, laws, and other agreed-upon rules. Smart oracles build on the idea of oracles, or entities that provide smart contracts with information about the state of the outside world, and combine information gathering with contract code execution. In such a system, rules can be written in any programming language and contracts can interact with any service that accepts cryptographically signed commands. This includes, but is not limited to, cryptocurrency networks.


form in


structure of procesess

Strives to model of higher oracle in mathematical form based on Least absolute deviations

Multicurrency and digital
assets ready

Classic currency


Digital Assets



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